How to Create Abundance in a Time of Scarcity

The Digital Retreat  |  Hosted by Melyssa Griffin

A FREE 5-day digital retreat to help you bring in new income quickly, create an abundant mindset, and deeply connect with other online business owners

You might be experiencing fear, stress, a loss of income, and a dramatic change in your day-to-day routine…

… and I want you to know that I see you. I feel you. And I am here to support you.

You became an entrepreneur because you are *incredible* at solving the world’s problems. You naturally see possibility when others only see the present circumstance, but sometimes you need a little help to get back to who you are.

If you’re going to rise and flourish during this period, you need to create abundance (and I’m not only talking about an injection of cash into your business, but operating from a mindset that sees possibilities instead of problems).

So, that’s why I am hosting the Limitless Entrepreneur: The Digital Retreat.

Over the course of 5 days, I am going to walk you through how to create new revenue streams in your business that align with what you are actually compelled to create. The agenda is designed to make this simple, easy, joyful, and fast (and can be done inside your home!)

There is no one-size-fits-all solution here, so I’m going to show you multiple ways to grow your business during this time of scarcity in the world.

Ready to sign up?

Here’s what’s included:

5 PDF blueprints to walk you through how to add a new income stream quickly
5 mindset trainings with Melyssa Griffin to flip your fear into abundance
A free Facebook community for daily connection and support
A library of classes taught by world renowned healers on topics like hypnosis, yoga, and dance

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to determine and create valuable offers that you can sell
How to put together an offer that is meaningful to you and supports incredible transformations for your ideal audience
How to put yourself “out there”, connect to your community, and step into the leader that you are
How to craft a solid marketing plan to get your offer into the world with ease and excitement
And how to launch and promote your offer to successfully bring in new revenue
But business tactics are just part of what this retreat is all about. You’re also going to be getting daily mindset trainings and routines you can try to create calmness and joy in your life.

On top of the important business strategies, I will personally be coaching you on:

How to ground yourself during times of chaos with tons of healing modalities (I’m bringing in guest experts in meditation, tapping, yoga, ecstatic dance, etc!)
Foster your personal growth and healing to operate from a place of true abundance instead of scarcity
Learn how to play BIG when the world wants you to feel small
And how to create an incredible relationship with money and understand the truly limitless potential you have

the agenda

Day 1
Becoming a Limitless Entrepreneur
Day 2

Designing a Brand New Offer With Intention

Day 3

Building Meaningful Connection With Your Audience

Day 4

How to Get the Right People to See Your Offer

Day 5

Launch Day: Let’s Make an Impact!

Why a retreat?
Because this free program is just as much about healing and connection as it is about tactical strategies to grow your business — just like you’d find at an in-person retreat. If you have to isolate yourself at home, we’re going to bring the best vibes to your living room!

This digital retreat is going to feel like you are sitting next to a dear friend as you work together on new business strategies and personal development to power-wash your mindset.

Meet Your Host

Melyssa Griffin

Former school-teacher turned entrepreneur, Melyssa Griffin, leads a community of over 200,000 entrepreneurs and 12,000 students in her paid courses, where she helps people create profitable, purpose-driven companies, as well as heal from the old mental programming and thought patterns that keep them stuck. She firmly believes that life is meant to be a fun experiment, and the greatest success story you’ll ever tell isn’t the one that leads you to 7-figures. It’s the one that leads you back to yourself.

Meet Our Guest Experts

On top of the incredible business and mindset trainings during the retreat, you will also get the opportunity to learn from healers from all over the world to ground yourself and heal your mind during this time.

Sahara Rose

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Founder of Rose Gold Goddesses

Topic: Manifestation Abun-Dance

Sahara Rose is an ancient soul in a modern body. She is a 3x best-selling author and host of the Highest Self Podcast, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 16 million downloads.

She has been called “a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote the foreword of her books. She is also on faculty at Chopra Global.

Grace Smith

The World’s #1 Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Resource

Topic: Hypnosis

Grace Smith is on a Mission to Make Hypnosis Mainstream. As a pioneer in the Hypnotherapy field, her private clients including Fortune 500 CEOs, A-list celebrities, Olympic athletes and government officials. She is Founder of the world’s #1 provider of hypnosis education, products and services, Grace Space Hypnosis and Grace Space Hypnotherapy School, a world-class hypnotherapy certification program.

Christine Owenell

Coach to Executives and Visionaries
Topic: Writing a New Reality
Christine Owenell is an executive coach, teamwork facilitator, cosmic mystic, and mother.

Christine’s work supports positive behavioral change through experiential strategy and elevating self-awareness. She helps companies scale with soul by guiding visionary executives to lead through integrative alignment. Christine has coached leaders at Slack, Vanderbilt, Ticketmaster, Radiology Partners, Pure Storage, Northwestern Mutual, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Cloud9, Grameen Bank, and others. She also specializes in wealth consciousness, and coaches high net worth individuals.

Allie Van Fossen

Online Yoga Blogger and Teacher
Topic: Yoga
Allie Van Fossen teaches online yoga classes, workshops, and programs for yoga students seeking off the mat transformation. She also leads in-person chakra yoga retreats that empower people towards healing, freedom, and living a life on purpose. Allie shares free weekly yoga classes on her YouTube channel that you can practice from the comfort of your home.
Learn how to create abundance during a time of scarcity. You are Limitless!